What Time Is It?!

posted on: Monday, August 26, 2013

One more birthday post and I promise I'm swearing off birthdays for the next few months! We threw Wes his fifth birthday party on Sunday and I have to say of all the parties for the kiddos we've thrown so far, I think this one was my favorite. The theme Wes picked was Adventure Time (his favorite show) and it turned out to be a totally perfect choice. Only fans of the show will get these decorations at all, but I went with a Candy Kingdom theme for the cake table and it was almost too easy. Peppermints, lemonheads, bubblegum, I mean you can't go wrong. And what kid wouldn't love a birthday party all about candy? Marisa made the AMAZING party time sign and the cute little pie toppers. Abby made the apple pies and the homemade cinnamon buns. Which...by the way, how awesome would it be to go to a birthday party where they served up piping hot cinnamon buns straight out of the oven? I'm just saying, there's a reason this party was my favorite. And this year was the first year Wes invited a little friend from school to his party. I got a seriously cool Ice King pinata from Etsy for the kids to obliterate, and I made little Jake the Dog bags for the kids to collect their candy in. It was so much fun watching them tear that poor pinata apart limb by limb (or should I say beard by nose). Also, Wes might have his very first girlfriend because he let Soleil help him open all of his gifts and she told him she made him a "love card." It was almost too much for this little mama heart to handle. Best party yet.


  1. What a fantastic party :) We love Adventure Time too. You guys did such a great job! That card is sweeter than sweet. And I laughed really hard that they got to beat up ice king at the end of the party - perfect ! :)


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