A Little Update + Some Photos

posted on: Monday, November 24, 2014

Sorry for the radio silence the last few weeks, everyone. I've been taking some time to get to know our sweet new baby and adjusting to life with three littles.  Miss Ever has been an absolute joy to us the last three weeks. Her soft skin, her sweet baby milk breath. I've been in heaven, truly. Her birth went better than I could have ever even imagined, save for needing a little help from a doc to get her unstuck (we're blaming her chunky size for that one) and I can't wait to share her birth story here when I eventually find some time to write it! Do you see that photo below you guys? That's a baby that came out BREATHING. What?! I know. 

Wes loves our little girl so, so much. He asks to hold her all the time and just like when Oren was born he took to her immediately and is completely un-phased by the transition to big brother of two. Oren, on the other hand...he's still adjusting.  He's been asking me to "put that down" when I'm holding her so he can sit on my lap (jealous much?) and didn't even touch her until day three. So, yeahhhhhh, we're working on it. 

The photo below of Oren holding Ever brought to you exclusively by bribery ;)

Long story short, we're head over heels for our girl and having her here finally, is just so...much. It's just everything. We are complete. My heart is full. And I am the very luckiest, this I know.


  1. She's just so perfect I can't handle it!

  2. What a beautiful little family. xo

  3. Ahhh newborns! So so perfect! That is so cute about Wes and hilarious about Oren! He will come around :) -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)


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