Six Months Old

posted on: Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Happy half birthday my sweet Ever Iris! That has got to be the fastest six months of my life. How the months seem to drag when you're pregnant and then absolutely fly by once your baby arrives. I'll never understand it. The newborn phase goes by way, way too fast. Like, tragically fast. I really don't even want to talk about it. Sigh.

And so.

At six months old Ever can sit unassisted, rolls from both her belly to her back and now back to belly as well! She enjoys eating solids in addition to nursing. She squawks, squeaks and babbles quite a bit (which is adorable by the way) and my favorite new development...she reaches out to be held now! Which will melt me in to a puddle in about two seconds flat.

She is just such an easy going baby. She has had her fair share of trips to the doctor the last few weeks. It started with a double ear infection, which turned into an allergic reaction to the antibiotics (the first time any of my kids has ever been allergic to anything!) then a switch to a new antibiotic when the ear infection returned and we're still battling a bit of a rash situation we can't seem to get rid of. Throughout all of this she has remained just as good natured and happy as ever. The only reason I even suspected the ear infection in the first place was the fact that she was pulling on her ears quite a bit.

I call her my little social butterfly because the only time she really seems to get upset is when she wants to be held or needs a little extra attention. And by upset I mean scrunches up her face and says "eh!" in a slightly disenchanted tone. When she starts that up Abby likes to say, "oh, she just needs a person" and it's true. Scoop her up and give her a little squeeze and all is right in her world. How on earth did I get so lucky?

At night time she's still co-sleeping with us in our bed. I look forward to bedtime all day long, knowing we have all those hours of un-interrupted cuddle time ahead of us. When everyone is finally tucked in and the house is quiet after a long day there is nothing better than crawling into bed with your sleepy baby in your arms. I love spending the whole night nuzzled up next to her nose to nose breathing in her sweet scent and feeling her warm little body curled up against mine. It's my favorite part of the day.

To my sweet baby girl, you are my dream come true. You may never know how wanted you were and how loved you are by your dad and brothers and me, but I hope we're doing a good job of showing you so far. Happy half birthday my little love, you light up our lives.


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