Some Photos from our Stay-Cation

posted on: Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We're back to our regularly scheduled programming after a busy week together. I had the whole last week off of work so we planned lots of fun activities for the kids and even though Josh had to work for some of it, we spent some good quality time together as a family. We went to parks, out for ice cream and my mom even treated everyone to a movie. (Inside Out, it was so cute!) Ever even came along and did really well sitting through it with us. She is just so good. Then later we took the kids down to Columbus and met our friends Lauren and Adam at COSI followed by lunch (and doughnuts!) at the North Market. Man, that place has just an incredible selection of food. I wanted one of everything. It's probably good I don't live any closer to it than I do ;)
Then mid-week while Josh was out of town on business Nicole and I took the kiddos up to the Cleveland Natural History Museum. They are running an exhibit on the world's largest dinosaurs which was right up the boys' alley. Nicole earned an extra super gold auntie star for helping me with that outing. We're so lucky to have the best family and siblings who are always willing to lend a hand when needed. Thank you, Nicole! And speaking of siblings...Ben came up from Nashville for a visit! None of us knew he was coming and it was the best surprise when he just came strolling through the door. I may or may not have leapt into his arms. (I did.) It totally made my week. Besides that we just hung out together, played with sparklers and smoke bombs and went to see some local fireworks before heading up to Northern Michigan for the long fourth of July weekend. Below are some of my favorite photos from the week if you'd care to take a peek. Michigan photos coming soon!


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