10 Months Old, An Update

posted on: Tuesday, September 8, 2015

See that girl up there? She's walking. Time, you thief! Wasn't she just born? Where did this bi-pedal, independent woman come from? Truth is she was walking a few days before she even hit the ten month mark, which is crazy. How can a new baby go from a completely helpless, limp lil rag doll to a silly, walking, talking (well, babbling) creature in no more than the time you go between teeth cleanings? It is mind boggling.

However, this big, brand new ten month old girl is AMAZING. Her personality has come through so much and she is just the sweetest, silliest, happiest thing. When she laughs (which is often) she crinkles up her little nose and gives us a big gap toothed smile. She has six teeth now and is my first biter. Which, she also finds hilarious. (There may be a little more Oren in her than we anticipated...;) Also, she's my first kid who has really seemed bothered by teething, the poor thing. She still wants pretty much constant attention. She is so social and wants to be a part of anything that's going on. She's always on the move and climbs the stairs like it's her job. She still nurses all the time but has pretty much forgone baby food altogether and prefers to share in whatever table food the big people are enjoying. She's basically tried all the things and at this point shows no signs of any food allergies so I think we dodged that bullet three for three!

She waves and points and claps and high fives. She's still not saying any real words, or if she is she's not really associating them with the right things yet so we're working on that. But she babbles and chatters and yells out all day long. She loves our cat and he has been really sweet and patient with her as she clambers on top of him every chance she gets. If you show her pictures of kittens in books or on your phone she will squeal and point at them and try to rub her face against the photo. It's basically the cutest thing I've ever seen.

So, we're less than two months from her birthday and I've already started brainstorming party ideas and planning out her first halloween costume. Gah! I can't believe we're already here. I love you, Ever Iris! So happy you are mine!


  1. What a beauty she is! I don't ever comment but have loved watching her grow. That dress with the sparkle in her eyes is too much not to show some love. Time is indeed the worst thief! Mine are 11 & 9 but I'm not really sure how they got so old already.


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