Fall Festivities, Part I: Apple Dumplings

posted on: Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Do you ever talk about doing something every year and then just never get around to actually doing it? And then finally, you're like 'that's it, today's the day!' and it turns out to have been a REALLY good decision and you want to smack yourself for not having done it before. That has pretty much been my experience with these here apple dumplings. We used a recipe from this cookbook and we all know Deb would never fail us, but even so, they actually exceeded my expectations. It wasn't a quick process, but when getting together with your family to make them is half the fun, you don't really mind all the effort. Especially when they're delivered, hot and oozing, right from the oven to your plate. I think we can safely say that these dumplings have taken their rightful place in our collection of annual family fall traditions.


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