The Master Bedroom!

posted on: Monday, January 18, 2016

Who here is ready for some good old fashioned before and after porn? These are my favorite type of posts to read on other blogs and of course it's even better to write one of these posts myself when it's my own home that's gotten a facelift in some way. Today I've got before and after photos of my bedroom. It has been long neglected since it's so easy to put off redoing a space that no one ever really sees except us.  But after over two years of living in a room with no rug, no window treatments, no new paint (except the one door we did when we painted the hallway) it was way past time. Again, this isn't a public space and there are other areas of the house I'd much rather spend money on (hello, kitchen floor!) so I didn't want to buy all new everything in here. If you remember from the mood board I did way back when, we planned on keeping our existing bed, dresser and nightstands and only purchase new for the things we were missing. Below are a few photos I snapped before we started the renovations. Quality is poor and I somehow managed to forget to get an image of the broken ceiling fan/light fixture we inherited with no cover and awesome exposed bulbs. You'll just have use your imagination ;) 

...and now!

Hooray! I no longer have to hide this room behind closed doors like the ugly stepchild that it once was! The blue stripe is gone! So! Many! Exclamation! Points!!!! 

Ha, but seriously it's amazing what a little paint and lots of new lighting can do for a space. I also added a rug, new bedding and some accessories and we were in business. I have no idea what took us so long but thank god it's finally under control in here. I can sleep so much easier now ;)

Source list:

Wall color is Skimming Stone from Farrow & Ball, Bedding, floral pillow is custom made with fabric I ordered here, sconces, ceiling fan/light, area rug, mirror, lamp on dresser


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