St. Paddy's Day 2016

posted on: Thursday, March 24, 2016

The leprechaun traps were set and so was my alarm, for 5am. I snuck out of bed and located the two cans of silly string I'd hidden in my nightstand drawer. The boys had decided to sleep together in Wes's bed that night so I had both cans to use on one room. 

So, here's something shocking: You know what's incredibly loud and disruptive at 5am in the total stillness of your kid's bedroom? Two cans of neon green silly string unloading all over your sleeping children. 

I was juuuuuust about done when a heavy lidded Wes rolled my direction and seeing my shadow there hovering over him mumbled, "Mom? What's going on?" 

Oh shiiiiiiiittttttt....

"Look!" I exclaimed. "The leprechaun came last night and messed up your room!" I said whilst quietly trying to slip the cans onto the floor and kicking them toward the bed. "I was just getting ready for work and I walked by and saw it!"

"Really?!" he said excitedly stumbling out of bed and toward the light switch, covered in still wet silly string. 

And that was the year I almost got busted. 

(talk about the luck of the irish.)


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