Arlo The Blue, Blue Whale

posted on: Sunday, September 4, 2016

You know what's amazing? When an old (and also brilliant) friend from high school emails you up to let you know she and her sisters have started their own creative agency and that agency has published a children's book written by her mother and illustrated by her sister, and she wants you to have a copy!

Soooo... an all women's creative agency start up that's family run and a children's book inspired by Andy Warhol with a positive message? 

Um, yeah, sign me up. Immediately.

Arlo The blue, blue whale was inspired by the Warhol quote, "I think everybody should like everybody." A message on kindness, acceptance and friendship that I was thrilled to share with my kids. 

The book is very fun and the illustrations are darling. My kids all really liked it, but especially Oren. Arlo's earned himself some prime real estate right at the front of this kid's bookshelf, so I know he's serious. Oren's been bringing it to me every night since it arrived as his first choice for a bedtime story. And for a kid who has just entered kindergarten and is just beginning to navigate a world of new faces and new friendships - this book could not be more appropriate. 

I wanted to give a big thank you to Katy for sharing Arlo with us and let you know that if you'd like to pick up a copy for yourself you can order it here. There's also a super fun app you can download as well to go along with the book and lots of other fun goodies on the website.

And Arlo, we like you buddy. Keep on spreading that message of kindness.


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