Our Christmas Photos!

posted on: Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I know you're probably being inundated with holiday photos from all over right now, but I wanted to share some photos from our christmas eve and christmas day if you'd care to take a peek! This was probably the best christmas we'll have with the kids. All three still believe in Santa and Ever was finally old enough to kind of get what's going on. I think this will be the last year believing for Wes, so this year was extra special for me. 

We are always all over the place on both christmas eve and christmas day and I always have the best intentions for taking photos everywhere we go. But, as usual, I started out strong taking pics at christmas eve morning brunch and then fizzled out immediately afterward. Some photos from that morning...

Christmas eve night we did the normal ritual of sprinkling reindeer dust (oats mixed with glitter) in the front yard to attract the reindeer ;) and putting out cookies for Santa followed by a reading of "The Night Before Christmas". This year the kids thought Santa would like hot chocolate better than milk but I'm pretty sure Ever enjoyed it more than anyone.

(And yeah, Oren is indeed dabbing here.)

 note the marshmallow still clutched in her tiny fist.

For the last few weeks whenever we'd ask Ever what Santa was going to bring her she'd exclaim, "BABIES!" (we're going through a major baby doll phase right now). So when she opened this gift and saw the twin babies inside she literally clapped, squealed and started kissing the box. Heart. Melted.

She also got a tiny kid sized ergo to carry them around in. Dead.

Oren got his Nerf brain saw (because that's a thing) and Wes got his coveted PS4 video game but the biggest surprise came last...

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas! This is one I will never forget.


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