Boy or Girl?

posted on: Friday, February 18, 2011

That is the question.

And it's all I can think about lately. With all this anticipation it's going to be the best surprise ever and I'm looking so forward to the day we get to meet our little girl or boy and find out.

With Wes I was pretty darn sure he was going to be a boy. Even complete strangers were telling me  daily that my bulging baby belly was all boy. I was so convinced in fact that when he was born I forgot to even ask his gender, I kind of just assumed.

But for some reason, this time, I am totally and completely clueless. One day I'm sure boy, the next I'm sure it's a girl. Just when I was starting to think girl?, girl?!, girl!, I went and had four dreams about the baby and in every single one it was a boy.

Like I said, I'm terribly confused.

I know it won't really matter once that day comes and either one will be great for so many different reasons. If our little one is a boy, Wes will get to share that closeness with a brother that I know Josh always feels like he missed out on growing up in a house with all sisters. Not to mention, it would certainly make things easier in the long run - practically speaking. We have all boy stuff now to re-use - clothes, toys and bedrooms could be shared. Activities and vacations would be easier to plan only having to please one sex.

Also, we already know we make really, really cute boys.


But a girl...

That would be just dreamy. We could do all that cheesy mother/daughter stuff I find myself longing for lately. You know, playing with dolls and having tea parties. Cutesy clothes to shop for - shopping in general really, clothes, shoes, wedding dresses...

I'm such a sap. Stop me now.

But seriously, I would get to decorate her room, Oh! The stuff dreams are truly made of!

(Also, if you've never tried it, naming a whole person is really hard. There are so many girl names I love that if this baby is a girl, she's getting three. For reals.)

Then I read this blog post the other day and it melted my little gestationally emotional heart. I aspire to be that kind of mother one day. And while the post was about mothers and daughters, I know I can be just as good a mother to boys. But, let's face it, (most) boys generally don't care as much as their sister counterparts and they just aren't thoughtful the way (most) girls are.

(Put it this way - if it was up to my brother to remember Mother's day and/or shop for our mom's birthday presents every year, she wouldn't be having any homemade baked goods, family portraits or new bedding a la Restoration Hardware to open up, that's for sure.)

Now, I'm no fool, I fully realize I am choosing to only fantasize about the sweet, tender parts of mothering a girl. When in fact, there's a distinct possibility that I could give birth to a complete tomboy who wants nothing to do with any of this sentimental crap, and tomboy or not, any daughter I have will, with almost complete certainty, hate my guts between the ages of 12 and 18...but a girl can still dream can't she?

So, for now we wait (im)patiently. Wait knowing that who ever this little person is growing inside me, they were made to be the perfect fit to our family.
And once they are born, I know that I won't even be able to imagine he or she could have been anyone other than who they are. Which is to say, meant to be.


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