It's April

posted on: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In case you were wondering if I dropped off the face of the planet or something, rest assured, all is well. But it's April now people, A-p-r-i-l! So yeah, we've been busy, because, holy crap, it's APRIL! Here's a little peek into what we've been up to.

nursery closet shelves purchased and installed - check

baby clothes and bedding washed - check
(ps - the smell of dreft = heaven)

dresser stocked with clean clothes and (unbelieveably tiny) diapers - check

(most of the) baby contraptions assembled - check

Also, we had our bathtub refinished. It was in sad shape when we moved in and Wes has only further exacerbated the damage by picking at the flaking paint at pretty much every bathtime. For some reason we have been putting this repair off since, um, forever. Probably because this is the boys bathroom and really, they don't care about such things.





So, lots accomplished but still lots more to do, because, in case I forgot to mention it - it's April!


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