And Then There Was Easter

posted on: Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Q: How many pictures is too many?
A: Probably five less than the amount in this post.

Sorry, guys. And truth be told it's only going to get worse
 because we just got Oren's one year old photos back and
heaven help me if I can narrow it down to under 100.
So get ready, because they are coming.

This is the last batch of pictures, I promise! We did baskets,
 an indoor egg hunt, and I had to paint bunny footprints
on the floor again because Wes remembered it from
last year and now I'm kind of locked in. haha.
Oh, and we can't forget to mention Josh's annual
 (creepy) bunny head chocolate chip pancakes.
It just wouldn't be Easter with out them!


  1. You guys are definitely going to be the "cool" parents. The painted bunny footprints?? The bunny pancakes?? I love all of those things. Keep posting your ideas so I can steal them and fool Emerson into thinking I'm a cool mom.

  2. I need to know what Wes was saying when he had his hand out to the bike????! You Booth's - awesome!

  3. but you are a cool mom Audra!!!

  4. uh, adorable. wes riding the bike at the camera and oren's fat belly are my favs. also, i love the kitchen picture with maeby in action in the background!


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