First Haircut

posted on: Sunday, April 1, 2012

(saved his first little wisps)

I wouldn't go so far as to say that Oren actually needed a haircut.
But he did have this rooster thing going where it was about 5 inches long 
just on the top in the middle and then pretty much bald everywhere else. 
Also he kind of had these caesar bangs going...
I don't know, it was rough. 

Also, I've always been eager to cut my kids' hair. I was ready to cut Weston's when he was about six months old and Abby begged me not to cut it for months. I held off for awhile but by the time he was Oren's age he had already had about three haircuts. 

 (wes's first haircut)

(wes: age one, fresh haircut.)

So, it was pretty impressive I waited until Oren's one year photo 
shoot to get him a trim. But if I'm being honest, it had less to
do with my self control and more to do with his lack of hair.
Still, I wanted him looking his best for his pictures and so...
Marsha to the rescue! 

And just like his brother before him, three years ago, here we were. 
Same chair, same little cape, sitting in mama's lap, Oren got his first haircut.

Big thank you to Marsha, you're the best!

(also, sniff - sniff)


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