Mudroom "Before" Photos

posted on: Sunday, March 9, 2014

I think it's high time for a little house update, don't you? We have so many rooms that are like, 90% finished, and all that they're missing is a new light fixture or some art work or a rug, or or or - you get the idea. So, even though we've been working and fixing up and improving each space bit by bit I've been reluctant to share much since none of it's really completely done. And maybe I just need to get over that, we'll see. But for now I do have a little makeover I'd like to share because this weekend we decided to tackle our back entrance/mudroom area.  (Well, technically I decided but Josh was kind enough to play along.) This space wasn't so bad to start with and there wasn't a ton we had to do. If we hadn't had so many other things going on this weekend we probably could have finished it but it looks like it's going to end up being a two weekend long job after all. Below I've got some of the before pictures to familiarize you with this space. Again, it's worth noting that these were taken before we even moved in so that back door curtain and funky beach signage was all the work of the previous owner. ;)


So, to give you an idea of the space (since it's a little hard to capture in photos) this is our back door, the one we use every day as we come in from the garage. The set of steps going up leads right into the kitchen and the set of steps going down leads to the basement and laundry room. The room to the left of the back door as you enter is a little mudroom with hooks for coats and stuff.

Like I said, it wasn't terrible. This light fixture isn't even half bad if Tiffany style lighting is your thing. But, unfortunately, it isn't my thing. And neither are the bright red walls. So, it was time to switch it up a bit!

The first thing to go was the big red and teal floral valance over the back door window (OBVIOUSLY). The second thing to go was the dingy runner on both sets of stairs. I get why they put it there, it warmed up the space and it made the stairs looked finished while adding in a little pattern. All great things in theory. But the problem is, it was filthy. It was maybe once upon a time white and green but now looked grey and green in an obviously dirt-infused way. And as much as I like the look of a runner on these stairs I just don't think it's practical. There is just way too much foot traffic going in and out of the house through this space and all that dirt and moisture from wet shoes lands right there on the runner.  This is the main family entrance and exit to our home and it gets used ALL THE TIME. Since the runner is permanently affixed and can't just be thrown in the washer every time it gets dirty, it just doesn't make since to have one. I would much rather mop up dirty stairs as needed than put in a pretty new runner I know perfectly well is destined for ruin.  And yes, of couse we ask the boys to take off dirty or wet shoes when they come in from outside to try and avoid this, but do they always do it? No. And do they forget half way up the stairs with muddy shoe prints following in their wake? Yes, of course they do, they're kids. It happens all the time.  And so I think the best way to get and keep this space looking clean for the long term is going to be with a little (replaceable) doormat and spot cleaning the steps and tile as necessary.

So we pulled up the runner. The stairs underneath were in great shape and once we patched up the little staple holes in the risers you would have never even known it was there.  Then we taped off, patched holes and started painting. (Well, technically Josh started painting while I hung with the kiddos.) All the trim needed done because it was the same yellow/cream color we'd had in the kitchen (the rooms are adjoining) and of course we want that to match and also because it was just really beat up from use and needed a fresh coat anyway. And frankly, that's was as far as we got this weekend. The walls and ceiling will need painted next weekend and two new light fixtures will need installed. Also, I found a great little storage bench for the mudroom that will be the perfect place for the boys to sit and tie (or untie) shoes as we're coming and going every day.

Beyond that, just a few things for the walls and we'll be all set. This is definitely one of the easier spaces to take on and the cost and time we'll need to put in making it more functional and aesthetically pleasing is minimal. But I think that since it's also a space that we use so much we'll feel the impact of the changes pretty drastically once it's finished. I'm super excited and can't wait to see the transformation in the coming week. Once the red is gone it's going to look like a whole new room.

After photos coming soon so be sure to check back!!!


  1. Goodbye dirty runner and goodbye red. It will look SO different - can't wait to see it when its' done!!!


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