Some late winter ramblings

posted on: Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I think life has seasons, you know? Much like the four seasons we are all so familiar with by now, the months and years themselves seem to take on certain feel. A certain energy.  Some phases of life are busy and full of action - go! go! go! While some have a much slower pace. One of reflection and work and preparation for what's to come. A mental and physical break to gather your thoughts and start making plans. To be quiet. A time to appreciate the comfort and solace in the every day normal before it gets turned on its head as it always, enevitably, does. A chance to experience so much of the routine that you're left itching for the changes. And this is where life is for me right now. As winter coughs out it's last, best effort and sputters to a close, I can feel the changes coming because spring is right around the corner.
These last few months have been quiet ones. Lots of books and meals at home. Lots of thinking, not much doing. Staring at these same four walls. But I'm ready to throw open the windows again. To get out and feel the sunshine on my skin and stay out late and forget the routine. To come out of hibernation and seek out new adventures and stretch our wings a little bit.
As they say, some years ask questions and some years answer.
And to that I say I'm all ears.


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