Best Weekend Ever?

posted on: Tuesday, May 6, 2014

So maybe it wasn't the best weekend of all time, (remember that Hawaii post I just did? ;) but it was definitely up there. We've spent so many ho-hum weekends either snowed in or working on the house these past few months that a really fun/purely relaxing one was way overdue. Friday night Abby and Marisa came over to the house and we all went out for sushi (I only got the fully cooked stuff, don't worry) and then Marisa hung with the boys while the rest of us headed up to Cleveland to see the Slackers play at the Grog shop. This was something like the 10th time we've seen them and they're always just as good as ever. 

The next day we had tickets to see the Wizard of Oz ballet at the Civic theater. An old friend from college who now works for the Ballet Theatre of Ohio contacted me about donating a design consultation they could raffle off for the ballet and as a thank you she gifted me with four tickets to see the show! It was such a great performance and the all the little girls in the audience in their little Dorothy dresses and red shoes had me swooning. They had lots of interactive stuff for the kids to explore before and after the show too which the boys really had fun with.


So ever since last week when I read (and was thoroughly traumatized by) Rebecca's latest blog post I've been clinging to Wes constantly, kissing him on the face and telling him how much I love him every .05 seconds. I, clearly not satisfied with this level of quality time, decided we needed to make a whole day of it.  So Sunday Josh took Oren for a day of hiking, creek walks and salamander hunting and I took Wes for a whole day of whatever it was he wanted to do. So long as he spent the entirety of it with his mother. 

Here were Wes's requests:
pet store
mcdonald's play place
ice cream
finish reading his chapter book to him

Could this kid be any easier? We went to one of the playgrounds in our old neighborhood because he talks about missing them every once and awhile and I thought it would be a nice surprise. He spent most of the time picking flowers and pulling up rocks hunting for worms. Then I took him to not one, but TWO pet stores followed by lunch at the gigantic McDonald's playplace in Montrose he always sees from the car and asks to go to but which I have never before taken him. Not exactly my lunch locale of choice, but it was his day, so. We ended our date at Sweet Frog which is a self-serve frozen yogurt place. We've never been before but I knew he'd dig the idea of an endless bar of toppings to choose from. And he did indeed love his disgusting concoction (as I knew he would) and I was just left wondering what exactly is the point? After trying it, why does anyone choose frozen yogurt when real ice cream exists? I just can't see the logic.

When we got home we found Josh and Ori curled up on the sofa alseep so Wes and I crawled into bed and spent the next hour finishing his book. 

It was such a simple day. He is so easy to please at this age and I just love him so, so much. I really am the luckiest.


  1. My heart HURTS reading that post. I know I have time before both of my daughters find me intolerable, but not THAT much time because time goes so fast when you have children.

    The photos look great though! Glad you had such a good time with your boys!

    PS: Speaking of, are you finding out girl/boy this time or another surprise?

    1. The part that kills me is that even when they're older and they're over hating your guts, they're never going to go back to liking you and being little again. So even though you'll be friends again one day - when it's over, it really is over. Ugh, so many tears.

      (Oh, and I think we're going the surprise route again!)


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