Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago

posted on: Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Josh and I are back home after a fun four day run in Chicago, visiting friends and being child-free for a little while. Except for the one who was happily kicking away in my belly all weekend long (but I assure you I didn't mind.)  Colin and Elizabeth were kind enough to share their guest room with us and we had such a good time exploring the city, meeting up with other old friends, staying out much too late and eating way, WAY too much amazing Chicago food. (Also we saw the new X-Men and yes, oh heavens, yes.)

While waiting for a table at Wildberry Café we wandered around millennium park for little while and took some obligatory photos with the bean. Luckily, breakfast was well worth the wait and the day could not have been more beautiful.

Elizabeth was running a 10 mile race while Josh and I were busy stuffing our faces with crepes, so we still had some time to kill afterward. We decided to wander over to Prairie Avenue to see the Clarke House (Chicago's oldest surviving house) and putzed around the park there enjoying the sunshine and seventy degree weather. We also toured the Glessner House, which is an old arts and crafts style mansion right around the corner. I highly recommend if you're into that sort of thing. It was a great tour of the interiors and a good, thorough history lesson on the house.

Here's Elizabeth upon finishing her race- so impressed! (photo compliments of Colin.)

dinner at Spacca Napoli and a show at iO

Saturday we had tickets for the matinee showing of In the Garden, a Darwinian Love Story over at the Lookingglass Theatre. It was such an excellent play and I was absolutely in tears more than once during the performance --- not that that's hard to do, but I'm just saying. Also, pro tip for all you theater goers out there, I found out tickets are buy one get one free to the Saturday matinee, just use the code TARGET when you're checking out online. Also, the theater is the Water Tower building which is just a really cool location in general and so nice inside.

Au Cheval was recently voted the best burger in the entire state of Illinois, and I can now confirm this. Quite happily so, indeed.

While we didn't actually eat at Eataly, we did buy some chocolate cannoli to go. Here are C&E lady and the tramping theirs on the street corner. Adorable.

Sunday night our friends Matt and Allison came over and the six of us had a homemade dinner of pasta bolognese and apple pie. It was such a treat to share this meal with friends and I so appreciated the time away and the grown up conversation even though I was missing the boys like crazy.

So, thanks Chicago, for another wonderful time! And a big thanks to Colin and Elizabeth, the hostesses with the mostesses. We love you guys!


  1. I love getting to see other people enjoy Chicago. I used to take students on a field trip past the Clarke and Glessner homes - total gems!

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