This Post Is Not About Babies

posted on: Monday, January 5, 2015

Which, let's face it, most of them are when you've got a newborn at home. But no sir, not this one. This one is about my husband. Or, more specifically, our anniversary. Which is today. But we celebrated over the weekend because, well, tuesdays. So it's been 8 years of marriage, but like 238712387 years together, which is apparently the amount of years it takes to forget which number anniversary it is and you have to start doing math to remember.  We've been at this thing awhile now is what I'm saying. 
So last year we decided to start a new tradition and in lieu of gifts treat ourselves to a night away, just the two of us. Well, this year we already botched the whole thing by having a newborn and didn't feel comfortable spending the night away from her so soon. (We're really good at traditions, obviously.) Instead, we decided a day date was the best solution and got a babysitter for the boys (thanks, ma!) and a babysitter for the baby (thanks, nicole!) and spent a Saturday celebrating it up. 
We brunched at Trentina, which I have been DYING to try. It was outstanding (as expected) and we are eyeing the dinner menu for Valentine's day. Chef Sawyer is a culinary treasure for Cleveland and also flipping crazy. He's inventive and daring in his menu planning and also lightweight insane, which I love. (Follow his instagram and you'll see what's cooking (har-har). It may be live scallops, acorn fed wild squirrel, or perhaps a candied honey bee perched atop its own honeycomb for dessert. You never quite know what you're going to get. But I digress.) Also, it should be noted that I wore a new dress and a shoe with a heel, so you know it was a special occasion. (Photographic evidence below.) Afterward we went to see Wild (further fueling my idol worship of Cheryl Strayed) and snacked on popcorn and fresh macarons which we'd smuggled in via my purse from a nearby bakery. It was a pretty great day and I have a pretty great guy. It's been a good 8 + 238712387 years and I'm hoping for a whole lot more of them. 

Love you Josh, happy anniversary!


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