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posted on: Thursday, January 22, 2015

It's been a little while since I've done a book round up and I've got a few to share today if you're into that sort of thing. I think I listened to every single one of these on my audible app which has proven once again to be invaluable to me. Being home with a newborn these last few months this totally fed my book addiction while I was nursing the baby or folding laundry or any of the other things that kept my hands too busy for a real paperback. But there are some good ones in this batch, so let's get to it!

Well, this was a weird book. I think I liked it? I went in to this one blind and it took me AWHILE to figure out what was even going on. But as you know, I love me a good dystopic storyline, so I was pretty quickly won over. There's some really good writing in this book and at it's core it's basically a book about feminism, sexual politics and fundamental human rights. I'd say give it a whirl, it'll get you thinking if nothing else.
Alright, so this one was heavily discussed in an online book club I'm part of (hi, Allie!) and I think most of us came away with the same general reaction in the end. It's a little slow in parts and the characters are hard to like, but it's beautifully written and eventually it sucks you in. I thought it was a little pretentious at the jump off, I mean a book about talented, beautiful ballerinas and how hard their lives are. Boo-hoo, right? But once the story starts to come together it really begins to get complex. I'd even say it's a little shakesperian in how interwoven all of the character's lives become. The ending makes it worth it.

I really liked this one! It's kind of a fluff mystery type of book, but man did it keep me wanting more. It was really hard to stop this one once I started it, and although I guessed the ending before it was fully revealed it was still fun to see how it all unfolded. Definitely recommend. 

I. LOVE. ELIZABETH. WARREN. So does Josh. She's his celebrity crush so that should tell you something about my husband. But he read this book first and recommended it to me (of course he did). But she's just so great, you guys. So inspiring and brave and hard working and takes absolutely no shit. However, reading this book will make you feel like a lazy s.o.b. who's done nothing with your life, so fair warning. Warren for president is all I'm saying.

Amy's book was pretty much exactly what I expected. This book will also make your boring life seem pointlessly uneventful and not at all worth living, so you're just gonna have to get over that right now. She's funny (of course) and surprisingly sweet and vulnerable in her writing. Basically she just makes you really wish you could be her bff and call her up crying with all your life's woes and she'll take you in her arms and comfort you with sage advice and gentle humor whilst stroking your hair and telling you how pretty you look.
And that's all I got for this round. I'm alllllmost finished with We Were Liars (another book club recommendation) and I'm reserving judgement on that one until I find out the ending. After that I think I'll try out Descent (thanks for the tip, Kate!) and of course with all the hype surrounding it I MUST read Unbroken as soon as humanly possible. Anything else you guys can think to recommend? If so, hit me up in the comments!


  1. I LOVED Unbroken. It was a favorite last year. Thanks for sharing your list. I'm in between books right now and need something new :)


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