The One Where We Go Strawberry Picking

posted on: Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I don't need to tell you, but I am well aware that I've been slacking on the posts lately. Mostly because, well, life. It's busy. Blah, blah, blah, yours is too, we all get it. But last night I actually sat down and wrote three posts in one go so I'm doing my best to play catch up over here.

So, it's June now which means like any good blogger it was time to make our annual trek to the local farm for strawberry picking ;) This was actually attempt number two because the first day we tried to go the strawberries weren't ripe enough. (Always call ahead folks, always call ahead.) Anyway, we finally made it. And for the sake of being real, although the pictures may have it looking like a sweet, pleasant little outing, circumstances were, hmmm, how to put this...less than ideal. It had been raining all morning and in my haste to prepare for muddy, drizzling weather I was too busy packing extra shoes, towels and spare outfits for everyone to remember there was a chance I might need to bring the sunscreen. So of course that meant that as soon as we arrived the clouds parted and the sun came out guns a'blazin. Cooooool. So I tried to keep the kids in the shade to do their picking while I plopped Evvie down for some cute photos of her first strawberry patch experience. We managed about ten minutes before the humidity had everyone whining (including the adults - ok MOSTLY the adults) and the mosquito onslaught reached plague like proportions. I opted out almost immediately and Abby and Jeff helped the boys quickly finish filling their baskets while the baby and I hid in the car to keep her sweet baby skin from becoming a sweaty, charred, bug bitten mess. 

The things I do for blog content. ;)

Seriously though, they actually did have fun despite the heat/mud/bugs. And we even managed to come away without any real evidence of sunburn! Also, all that sweating and manual labor really works up an appetite so we had a good excuse to go out for burgers and milkshakes afterwards where we luxuriated in the air conditioning and wait staff.

hmmmm, this looks like it should proooobably go in my mouth...


totally worth it.


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