Oren Turns Five

posted on: Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I just tucked my brand new five year old into bed and I wanted to take a minute before this day is over to reflect on this little one as he starts a new year of life. We had a birthday party for him on sunday, but we saved his gift for today so that his real birthday would still have a little fun left in it even though it was a school day. He came down for breakfast and found a new star wars bike waiting for him and cupcakes to take to school to share with all his friends (thanks to my mom for baking those). Abby surprised him after school by picking him up and taking him to the Peanut Shoppe for a little solo date with she and Jeff until we got off work. When we got home we let him choose what we'd have for dinner (wonton soup takeout) and Abby made him a personal birthday pie. Chocolate cream, but hold the cream please haha. 

This year's birthday has hit me a little harder than I expected. I think it's because five seems like the last year he will really be little, and Oren, little, is oh so sweet. Oren little is my very, very favorite. He is wild, and ornery, and silly but he is also fiercely loving and sensitive and so full of empathy. He loves me so fully and unabashedly, that I wonder how much longer it can possibly last? He is my mama's boy, my velcro baby, my loyal and devoted love. Watching my son, and his boyhood unfold these last five years has been the stuff of dreams. He is all I could have wanted and more, and I am so, so lucky to call him mine.

Happy fifth birthday, Oren Henry. Whatever was this world before you?


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