Oren's Video Game Themed Birthday Party!

posted on: Wednesday, April 20, 2016

For his fifth birthday Oren wanted a video game themed party. Not any one video game in particular, just a big ol' mixture of them all. So we had a little of everything. Cheryl came through with THE GREATEST cake imaginable after I sent her a bunch of random pictures and very little direction. And she made the cute little zombie and mario cupcakes too! Abby made the triforce lemon bars and the "mine craft" brown butter rice krispie treats (they were shaped like blocks so that counts, right? ;) We also had cheese pizza, cheetos, doritos and a punch bowl full of mountain dew. I mean, it was a video gamed themed party after all...

CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THIS IS EDIBLE!!!!! (I know, because Oren ate it)


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