"The Parade"

posted on: Thursday, June 23, 2016

Have you heard that the Cavs won the championship? Ha! That is all that's on anyone's lips around here this week and rightly so. Because after 52 years without a professional championship to our name, this win was SO good for Cleveland. The last few seconds of game seven will be forever emblazoned in our collective memory, as will yesterday's HUGE victory parade downtown. It was a sight to behold. My office actually gave us the day off so we all could attend and with a free mid-week day off and a chance to witness history, how could I not?

Josh was out of town for work so I left the baby with Miss Lori and the boys and I glommed on to the Price family for the day who very sweetly let us tag along.  It was a long day with lots of walking but we did it, and I'm so happy we did. We were part of the 1.3 MILLION people who flooded downtown to celebrate our home team and our beloved city. Man, I love this place.


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