Ice Cream Crawl 2016

posted on: Sunday, June 26, 2016

Correct me if I'm wrong, but being able to eat as much ice cream as you want, any time you want it has got to be one of the top ten best things about being an adult. Un-policed dairy consumption somewhat makes up for all the taxes and yard work and junk. And so, using our adult prerogative Josh, Kate, Dylan and I made the VERY mature decision to hire a couple of babysitters for our collective six children and spend an entire evening eating all the ice cream in Cleveland without them. 

First stop: Sweet Moses.

The turtle sundae with the salted pecans is a pretty good reason for living.

We also hit up Mason's Creamery for the very first time and I give it soooo many thumbs up. Kate got an Affogato because she's a good decision maker and I got a side of churros with my ice cream cone because so am I. They also show movies outside in the green space behind the building in the summer time.  Now that we know that we definitely need to plan a return trip with plenty of time to stay for the show.

Our last (but certainly not least) stop of the night was Mitchell's in Ohio City.  We took ours to go and walked the neighborhood a bit and enjoyed a pretty perfect summer night. 

Kate finished hers first and thus became the 2016 title holder of the first Ice Cream Crawl championship. (A true champion in a literal city of champions #gocavs).  And this will undoubtedly become an annual event because as I mentioned before we are adults who make great decisions, and this night is definitely deserving of a repeat. 

Ice Cream Crawl 2016 over and out!


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