Our Home Office Before + After

posted on: Monday, July 4, 2016

What you probably didn't know was that tucked away in a corner of our house right off the dining room is a little home office. You probably didn't know this because never showing it to you in any photos of my house up until now was a premeditated, tactical decision. Because this room, my friends, was bad. BAD. It had bright orange walls for starters, and a giant hole in the ceiling from a water leak. The walls in the area around the leak were also badly damaged and hung in the center of the room was a very outdated and not at all my style light fixture. This room was very, very bad indeed. But also, who really cares? Because we weren't using it much, other than to store copious amounts of junk and it was easy to ignore when there were so many other rooms that needed our attention. But now that we're three years into living in this house, and all the major rooms have gotten a face lift for the most part we thought; huh, maybe it's time we patch up that gaping hole in the office ceiling and paint over all that orange. 

And now comes the time to air my dirty laundry... aka "Before" pictures...

oof. and now...


better, right?

Source List: Desk pieces parts from IKEA, Desk Chair, Light Fixture, Rug, Plant Stand, Green Velvet Pillow, Black Buffalo Check Pillow


  1. Beautiful,Emily! I think you will have great design ideas there. ;-)

  2. Looks really great. I bet you'll be spending a lot more time in there now.


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