Some Photos from this Fall

posted on: Saturday, November 18, 2017

Fall came late this year to Ohio. Most of October was hot -- too hot to feel like fall. We went apple picking and lamented the sunscreen we forgot at home as we sweltered under the sun. So we delayed pumpkin picking until the weekend before Halloween. This, as it turned out, was the weekend mother nature decided to skip fall altogether and go straight to winter. You just can't win with Ohio weather. Below are some photos of our freezing trip to the pumpkin patch and the corn maze. All I can say is I hope for better luck in the weather department next year. This wasn't our finest hour ;)

It was so cold out that we had the pumpkin patch to ourselves and pumpkins were half off! (aka they were so picked over they felt bad charging us full price). And no one even bothered to man the corn maze entrance so we got to go through that for free. Perks of going way to late in the season, I guess?
 Josh decided about half way through the maze to let Ever direct us the rest of the way. Honestly, she did just as good a job guessing as any of us. We made it out!
Wes's little friend Micah joined us for pumpkin carving this year. Oren abstained as usual. He can't handle the pumpkin guts so he just directed the rest of us on how he would like his pumpkins to be carved.
 these cuties.
We had another successful trick or treat and we had so much fun really dressing the house up this year. The pressure is real on Highland Ave to have the house looking Halloween ready. It's my favorite day of the year for our neighborhood who goes ALL OUT on the Halloween décor. This year we added lights, a fog machine and sound effects.
 2017 costumes: a ninja, Star Lord and Anna (of course) - perfect choices for each of them.
Next up turkey, trees and allllll the Christmas music. I can't wait!


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