It's a 4th of July Picture Bonanza!

posted on: Friday, July 8, 2011

First of all, our day started with this...
so, we knew it was going to be good

(homemade banana bread french toast)

Then there was the neighborhood kid's parade

(in case you were wondering, wes did not win for
 best decorated bike or trike. next year it's so on)

Then a little swimming

A cookout/eat in

(my grandma lillian's potato salad recipe. I miss her so!)

(I sent ben a text earlier asking him to bring two liters --- as in soda.
sufficed to say, he read it wrong)

(then we sang happy birthday to america and ate the delicious cake abby made)

And of course, fireworks (and fireflies)

(special thanks to marisa, victor and jessica for the fantastic photos!)


  1. i love these pictures! my favorites are victor running with the sparkler and wes at the pool and the close up of oren!

    and OF COURSE the one of me and jeff looking normal for once! marisa is amazing!

  2. Skillzzzz. I see Christmas card material.


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