Today You're Three

posted on: Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dear Wes,

Happy Birthday, my love! Three years old, my're so grown up already, I can hardly believe it. But, also, what did we ever do before you were with us? It seems like you have just always been here, trailing around after me, asking questions and filling our house with laughter and fun. I am so so proud of the person you are becoming. You're so smart and so funny and you say things that blow my mind daily. The other day you asked for change to throw into a fountain at our favorite restaurant. And knowing your proclivity for over-doing things, I told you that you could have one penny, and only one, that's it. So, you ran up to the fountain, squeezed your eyes shut and said, "I wish...I wish...for two more pennies!" and chucked it in. Daddy and I burst out laughing and you thought you were just so hilarious (you are).

As your parents, we of course think you're a natural born genius. The good news is, other people, who aren't even related to you, have assured us that we are not crazy and you are, in fact, quite smart for your age. Am I allowed to take credit for that? Let's say yes. What else? Let's see, you have an imaginary friend that you just call your "little girl" who fits in the palm of your hand and whom you keep in the bathroom cabinet with the towels. She doesn't have a name, but she does have a cat whose name is Sparkles. You also love pretending to be a super hero and making us pretend to be monsters or dragons that you can defeat. You like to put on these play contruction goggles and call yourself  "Wesvader" while attacking us with your "life saver" (light saber). You are pretty much everything your daddy ever hoped for in a child, star wars fan and all.

As much as I wish you were a cuddler, you really aren't. I bribe you with candy daily just to get you to sit on my lap and let me snuggle you for a few minutes. You love me, I know how much you do, it's just that you don't seem to need anyone to hold your hand through much of anything --- Abby and I always joke that you will be ready to move out by the time you're five years old. You're just so independent and self assured...and for that I'm happy.

At night, after we brush your teeth and you use the potty (you wore underwear for the whole day for the first time yesterday!) I tuck you into bed. We read some books and I get you all set up with your favorite animal blanket and a cup of water. And most of the time after I turn off the lights I lay in bed with you for a few minutes and we talk in the dark and you let me hold you. I always ask you what your favorite part of the day was. Usually, your answer involves a pool, or popsicles or a new toy you got or game you learned that day. I listen to you talk about the day through yawns and heavy eyelids and watch as you start to surrender yourself over to sleep. And this, this moment with your head there on my sholder, your little fingers twirling the strands of my hair and your sleepy voice trailing off into dreamland is always my most favorite part of the day. Always, always, always and forever.



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