Wonka, How Much Do You Want For the Golden Goose?

posted on: Monday, August 29, 2011

There's this really great bakery you should try. No, no, not should... HAVE to try. The have croissants the size of my head. So buttery and delicious they stain the paper bag they send them home in. It pretty much made my weekend. Behold the spoils...

Did I mention you can also get these croissants filled with valrhona chocolate?

 ohhhh yeah.

By the way, this kid has turned into quite the terror since turning three. I'd say he spent approximately 70% of the weekend in time out. And when we told him he was behaving badly, you know what he said? 

"I'm still cute though, right?"

We have created a monster. A cute monster. 

But also, a cute monster who is potty trained as of last Friday! I didn't want to say anything right away for fear or jinxing it and having to later eat my words. But, the little dude just decided he wanted to start wearing underwear the day before his birthday and BAM just like that. Done. No more diapers, no accidents. I guess what they say is true, when they're ready, they're ready. 

Other great things that have occurred recently -

1. I got new artwork for my bathroom

(Is this like, so totally boring to everyone except me? I'm always afraid it might be/probably is)

2. I got a raise! And without even asking for it! I don't have a picture to illustrate this one, but just go ahead and picture me opening up my paycheck with a look of confusion turned realization turned bewilderment - then busting out into a touchdown dance type celebration at my desk - then you've pretty much got it.

3. My blog got a pretty new makeover. At least I think so. (I told you I was an instagram-aholic). As I may have mentioned before, I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to this whole blogging thing with the formatting and the html-ing and whatnot. So the fact that Josh and I actually made this happen ourselves gets me all riled up inside! Of course, it was basically the blind leading the blind over here so if anyone has any tips or suggestions on how to make it better, comments are always welcome. 

Not too bad for a week without much on the agenda. Now, where'd that greasy paper bag get to? I've got some real business to attend to...


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