posted on: Friday, May 11, 2012

Have you guys seen this picture? It's hard to believe you haven't. It's all over the blogging world, call in radio is having a field day, and it's clogging my facebook feed. As much as I've tried to avoid it altogether, it seems pretty much impossible.

My problem with it?

Not the picture. And not the story on attachment parenting. My problem is the sensationalization of the whole topic which seems to be doing nothing more than pitting moms against moms. The title alone, "Are You Mom Enough?" suggests that if you're not attachment parenting you're somehow not as good or dedicated as other mothers who are.

Ahhh, just in time for mother's day. How nice.

This whole article is just a ploy to sell magazines. To stir up controversy and to make moms on both sides of this issue get defensive. And their use of modelesque mothers shown breastfeeding their kids in these awkward and unnatural poses does nothing but sexualize something that is not in the least bit sexual or unnatural.

...aaaaaand here comes the drama. Just what they wanted.

Look, attachment parenting is fine. Those moms are good moms. There's a whole lot worse going on in the world to get stirred up over than extended breastfeeding. You know what else? Moms that don't practice attachment parenting are good moms too. And those that formula feed. And those that just breastfeed for a month, or a year. What I'm trying to say is, as long as you're feeding your kid one way or another - you're doing your job. And kudos to you, because this parenting thing is by far the toughest job you could hope for. Can't we just agree that we're all good moms? We're all trying our hardest to get what is impossible, right. We're all doing what works for us and our individual family's needs. Let's not get caught up in some competition to prove who is doing it best. Our way is not the only way.

Goddamn, being a mom is hard enough. Everyday we wade through these uncharted waters, trying to keep our heads above water, trying to find our way. Sometimes just trying not to drown. Everyday, we're learning and changing and evolving as mothers. Whether you breastfeed or formula feed, work or stay home or something in between. We all love our kids more than anything in the world. We should hold each other up, support one another. When will we figure out that we're all on the same side? Because it's sink or swim out there and hard as it is, we're all still swimming.

Happy mother's day.

You are trying your best.

You are doing a good job.


  1. Can I get an Amen!??! I am in 100% agreement with you. Whether you're pro-attachment, pro-breastfeeding, whatever, none of that matters as long as you are actually feeding your baby (which is, unfortunately, not always the case). Being moms we never truly know if we're doing things the "right" way but we are trying, all day every day, to do our best.

    I saw the cover photo and my first thought was "Wow, TIME is stooping really low to sell magazines aren't they?" They should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. I have the good fortune to know some of the best moms in the world. You're great and one day Wes and Oren will stop hating you for weening them before first grade.....one day in a long and drawn out legal battle that turns into a book that turns into a movie that inspires an HBO-roBot series (bc by then the robots will rule us). Until then you're doing great..and I wish they would have gone for one of the other moms for the cover cuz this one is too cute for it not to be uncomfortable ....sheesh

  3. I love that Audra and I are the first ones on here :) I agree sis. When I saw it I thought it was a joke. The kid looks terrified (or will be) and the overall composition is ridiculous .....

  4. I love you Godfreys! (and former Godfreys)

  5. "I wish they would have gone for one of the other moms for the cover cuz this one is too cute for it not to be uncomfortable ....sheesh"

    LOL! Zing!

  6. YAY! YES! I wrote essentially the same thing (in a FAR TOO LONG piece) on my own blog. I found you after reading Lisa Belkin's article. Let's stick together! http://closeenoughblog.com/?p=2184

  7. SO new thought on this. I remember Audra telling me that breast feeding knocks a BUNCH of calories out.....at least thats what she said and she could be making it up to eat more funfetti stuff but.....maybe prolonged breast feeding in conjunction with a balanced diet and additional exercise is the secret to her shapely figure......just sayin'. New post baby weight maintenance craze?? I'll start writing the book........

  8. You rule.

    Also? Bewbz.

    These are desperate times for magazines like TIME, and it shows. Wired blew it in similar fashion last year with a cover story about plastic surgery, I think. You can guess what was on the cover.


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