One Last Birthday Hurrah

posted on: Thursday, August 23, 2012

this is the last of the august birthday posts, i swear. monday was wes's actual birthday and i was off work and home with the boys for the day so we planned a little mid-day bowling/pizza party for wes with just a few of our family members who happened to be off work in the middle of a monday. wes was pretty in to it and oren was pretty in to the pizza.

(also, you'll have to excuse the quality control of the 90 million photos in this post. ((oh man, did I over do it this time.)) they came from a mishmash of people and cameras and iphones.)

 jessica's face, haha.
he is gross.
but also cute.
tiny wes bowling shoes

wes chose all of our official bowling monikers. poor marisa got nothing, literally. also, it should be noted that jessica and i bowled on par with wes the entire time. wes, who has never bowled before and is four. and we had bumpers. we are bad at bowling.
lisa, on the other hand, managed to bowl a strike from this position. she is good at bowling.
can i use oren as my excuse?
but the birthday fun didn't stop there, we were just getting started! josh and i waited until wes's actual birthday to give him his birthday gift from us. he has been asking for a pet ever since maeby died and has been completely obsessed with the hermit crabs at the pet store. he asks every monday if we can go to the store to look at them. guessed it. meet the two newest booths, gary and hermie!

we got them home and things were going well.
he was in love! and so excited! 
until this happened.
oh gary, why'd you have to go and pinch the birthday boy the first time he tried to hold you?
he hasn't held them since. it's going great!

luckily, we had birthday pie to distract him. abby makes him his own little pie every year on his actual birthday. it's become the cutest tradition. a picture from last year here, and oren's birthday pie here. this is the first year he has deviated from blueberry pie, this year he requested strawberry. but mostly, i think he was just in it for the whipped cream.

what did he wish for?
"all the candy in the world!"
 and yeah, this happens on other people's birthdays too.
thank you everyone for making wes's day extra special. (not you, gary.)
i think it goes without saying that he has just about the best family in the
world - but i'm gonna say it anyway. we are so lucky and we love you all!


  1. Those Gary's are nothin but trouble! Love all the pictures - want some of that pie!!!!

  2. I'm so sorry for that face. That was probably after he tried feeding a piece to me.

    1. Haha, don't worry I was making the same face. He is a disaster when he's eating!


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