Recital Video, Finally!

posted on: Friday, August 24, 2012

So after months of waiting, we finally recieved the greatly anticipated $40 dvd of Weston's spiderman recital. The videos of the two shows are funny, but not nearly as funny as watching them in person was. They shot the video from way in the back of the auditorium so you can't see as much of the boys' silly faces and expressions as we could see from our seats in the second row. Still, you can see them do a pretty good job in the first performance (that's Wes in the center, waving to us) and then it all quickly deteriorating in the second show where Wes just pretty much picked his nose and layed on the ground the whole time. Enjoy!

Thanks, Ma for biting the bullet on this pricey little piece of footage. We are lucky to have it to embarass Wes with in the years to come!


  1. OMG! What a crack up! The nose picking is excellent - perhaps a spider got up in there? Loved it!


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