Places I've Found Oren: Part III

posted on: Monday, October 15, 2012

I had my wisdom teeth removed Friday. It wasn't too terribly bad and I'm already feeling a lot better after a few days of rest and recovery. That being said, it still made for a pretty boring/uneventful weekend. Instead of pictures of me napping, icing my face and popping vicodin all weekend long I thought I'd share the third installment of "Places I've Found Oren." I know it's hard to believe but I swear on my Minnie Driver jawline that these photos are in no way staged. That's just true life with O'Henry. 

this would be oren stuck behind a sofa
 i heard him pull the drum off the stand, went in wes's room and found this.
that's totally normal, right?
 we pull the chairs out so he can't use them to get up on the table.
i think this is worse.
 saw him mount the toy box. removed him. explained why it was not safe.
turned back to finish task.
 1 minute later.
 approximately 5:30am
 at my office. saw him try to mount this table via this chair. I removed him.
explained why it was not safe. turned back to finish task.
 1 minute later.
 why use the door when this way is so much more fun?
mom's house
mom's house again
aaaaaand mom's house
still  mom's house

And you know it's bad when the babysitter gets in on it. She sent this to me the other other day explaining she found him here after he wandered in to her kitchen alone for less than two minutes while she was in the middle of changing another baby's diaper. He apparently mounted a chair, climbed on to the table and helped himself to a fist full of salsa.

She also sent me this one when he figured out how to get himself in to the 6 month old's jumper.

And the winner for best photo not taken...
Lori told me that the other day she ran in to the bathroom to pee while the kids were all playing nicely together on the floor. She's comes out to find that Oren had climbed up on to her piano bench, up on to the keys of the piano and then somehow hoisted himself on to the very top of her upright piano. She found him just sitting up there surveying the kids below.

After she recovered from her mini heart attack, she moved the piano bench to the other side of the room to prevent it from happening again, obviously.

A little later in the day she spotted him pushing the bench back across the room in an attempt to do it again.

The piano bench has now been removed from the room.


and because I love you all soooo very much and apparently also have no shame or sense of self consciousness here's a special bonus photo of me I found on my phone while downloading all these pictures of Oren. This is me on the drive home Friday after surgery and I have absolutely no recollection of taking it.



  1. Excellent post! Oh Oren! You are now officially the "heart attack kid". That piano story is ridiculous!!! Poor Lori on that one!

  2. Oh sweetie, hope you are feeling better soon.
    And for Oren-duct tape?

  3. dood, no one could ever look that hot after wisdom teeth surgery.

    1. Oh kenna, you should see the bruises that have developed. I'm oficially looking way worse than that!


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