Trick or Treat and a Little Birthday Celebration

posted on: Saturday, October 27, 2012

What's better than trick or treat? Trick or treat followed by a birthday party with our favorite pizza and a giant chocolate cake. Yes, that is a fact.

Friday night was our neighborhood trick or treat and since a bunch of our family was coming over to see the boys dressed up and with Josh's birthday right around the corner, we decided to combine it in to one fun night.

After months of deliberation, thoughtful research and soul searching Wes finally decided on being a skeleton this year for Halloween. My sweet friend Tracy made Oren a little ghost costume. The costume has a hood which Oren left on for around 7-9 seconds total. After that I just baby powdered his hair and sent him on his way.

(Let me stop right here for a moment and just go ahead and apologize now. I don't really edit photos. I barely have time to download them and keep up this blog and so you kind of just get what you see.  Also, half of my pictures are usually from an iPhone and not always even mine. So yeah, if you're looking for a blog with great photography, this ain't the place. BUT if you're looking for tons and tons and tons of mediocre photos of my kids, I am so your girl. I do not disappoint in that category - you can count on it. One day I'll learn how to use photoshop properly, I promise.)

Here's my little skelly, Weston. And no, we did not ask him to pose this way. That was all him. I think he's been taking tips from his aunt Jessica.

And then it was time to celebrate this guy (and stuff our faces)
My mom made her famous cupcakes with homemade frosting and Abby made this cake. The chocolatiest of chocolate cakes she could find, just for Josh. There is an entire pound of chocolate in just the frosting alone. Yeah, let that one sink in for a minute.
Victor with the obligatory photo bomb ;)
And finally, there was a surprise delivery all the way from chicago...Colin!
(that ellipse was just for you, buddy)
The sleepiest baby who ever tried to eat a piece of cake.
Exhaustion will not keep any Booth from chocolate. We will find a way.

The last guest of the evening came via a little face time session with my brother in Nashville. It was pretty much the perfect ending to a perfect night. Thanks to everyone who came out, especially those of you that came bearing sugar. 

Happy Halloween!


  1. That picture of wes is basically the best thing, ever. Also I think your photos (san iphone shots) are pretty freakin' good.

  2. Lots of fun and cuteness and chocolate! So sad I missed the Ben session!

  3. The kids look adorable in their Halloween costumes and the party looks like so much fun!!

  4. So glad Colin could be there to surprise Josh.

  5. Can you post the pattern for the ghost costume? I'm sure it's blissfully easy, but I'm kinda special when it comes to sewing.

    I would be even more grateful if you could have it up before Thursday ;-)

    Thank you!


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