To My Husband on His 32nd Birthday

posted on: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Have I ever told you my favorite memory of when we were dating? We went to go see Requiem for a Dream (so romantic, I know) at the Cedar Lee with Beth and Ken on a rainy weekend night, I believe. I was seventeen and you had just turned twenty. I guess we weren't officially boyfriend and girlfriend yet, but it was pretty clear things were headed in that direction. Ken drove us up to Cleveland and you rode shotgun. Beth and I sat in the back and I was in the seat right behind you. The movie got out late and I knew I wouldn't be home in time for curfew. I called my mom and told her we were stuck in traffic (sorry, mom) and we all drove home in the dark talking and laughing. There was hardly any light in the car and the rain was still falling lightly. You slipped your hand back to me and I took it. There in the dark it went unnoticed by everyone else as we sailed down the highway. Ken's copy of Soul Classics (Volume II) playing over the din of the rain, we rode along silently hand in hand. It was the first time we'd ever held hands, and it was the first time I knew that this was the start of something real. I went and bought that cd after that car ride and it still reminds me of that night every time I see it. That was twelve birthdays ago now, but I still feel the very same way when you take my hand in yours. Some days, I just can't believe how lucky I am.

Happy Birthday, Josh

I love you.


  1. You two are so adorable! Love you both soooo much! xoxo

    1. At least you didn't just say I was grounded ;)


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