A Saturday with Weston

posted on: Monday, April 29, 2013

With Oren's birthday and party, and all the stuff that goes along with selling and buying a house it's safe to say we have been a little pre-occupied lately. Josh and I were feeling like Wes had been getting the short end of the stick when it came to our attention, so Saturday we asked Josh's sister, Nicole, to come watch Oren so we could take Wes out for some solo quality time. We had been planning on taking him to a movie but we woke up to the most beautiful day outside and there was just no way we could spend it indoors. Instead we decided to hit up all our favorite outdoor spots (all the same favorites I had as a kid) and made an afternoon out of it. Lunch at the A&W drive in, followed by Wes's favorite park and finally soft serve at the Stricklands across from the local airport where we licked our cones and watched all the little planes taking off and landing from our breezy spot in the grass. Wes even picked me a little bouquet of flowers. By the end of the day Wes was worn out, we were worn out (Nicole was worn out!) and I'd call it a Saturday officially conquered. 

(shout outs to rence on this one ;)

 (ps. when we got home, we found this adorable scene. love, love, love.)

Thank you, Nicole!!!


  1. What a great day! Such cute boys you have =)


  2. Nicole wins - what a sweet picture! Looks like Wes had an excellent day - I am so hungry for A&W now - and of course ice cream! Such a great Saturday! Excellent!


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