Easter Day

posted on: Tuesday, April 2, 2013

So another easter has come and gone. This one was a really good one. Wes is at an age now where he's really in to holidays like this. It was his idea to leave the empty baskets right on the chair by the front door and a very thoroughly constructed carrot trail leading directly to them. This was his way of ensuring that there was no way the easter bunny could possibly miss them ;). Oren, on the other hand, still doesn't quite know exactly what's going on. But that didn't stop him from having the best day ever when he woke up to a new bicycle and candy for breakfast. (No need to fear, I made bunny butt pancakes ala pinterest as well). By the end of the day the boys had more baskets of candy than any child has a right to. They totally made out, like they always do. But the best part of this easter was that my brother was home from Nashville for the weekend, so I made sure to take lots of photos of him with the boys Sunday night at my dad's house before he left. We miss him so much. Everything just feels so much better when he's around.
stripey shirts unite!
My favorite, favorite, favorite picture we have ever taken of Wes is the one below on the left. It was taken Easter morning when he was just a few months younger than Oren is now. Josh dressed the boys for bed Saturday night and when Oren came downstairs with Wes's same old dinosaur pajamas on this Easter morning, I just had to try and recreate the picture with Oren. Not too bad considering I was dealing with a moving target hyped up on sugar and adrenaline. But, Oh would you just look at those sweet faces. I so love these boys of mine.


  1. Love the bunny butts! So Cute! Awesome pictures as usual. SOOOOO many baskets! The bottom pictures are perfection!

  2. Those bunny pancakes are beyond adorable!




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