Graduation Weekend

posted on: Sunday, May 19, 2013

He did it, guys! My little brother's officially a college graduate! The best part of the whole thing was he came home for the weekend to attend the ceremony and I got spend a little time with him before he headed back to Nashville this morning. Not too much time though, I worked pretty much all weekend long. Thank you Designer ShowHouse and also to my very favorite - inventory. Not to mention friends from Chicago were in town and a friend from DC (which, by the way, happy birthday Rence!) and we wanted to make time to see all of them. It was a busy, busy weekend, but aren't they all, really? And so, to commemorate it here are some blurry and/or dark photos from my mom's camera and my iphone of the blessed event/impromptu dinner at La Strada afterward (whose bolognese I must report, gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up).

Congrats again, Ben! So proud of you!


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