Happy 30th Birthday, Josh.

posted on: Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tonight's the night! Arrested Development triumphantly returns and I thought nothing would be more fitting than a throwback post about Josh's 30th birthday party. Josh's birthday is the day before halloween so a costume party was only natural. We went with an arrested development theme.

and why yes, that is a stair car. 

Cast from left to right: Lucille, Lindsay, Ann, Buster (being run over by the stair car), Gob (with Franklin), Maeby, Tony Wonder, Michael, Tobias (as Mrs. Featherbottom), Stair Car driven by Meryl, Maggie Lizer, George Sr., Lucille II

Remember that time we had to try to fit a stair car into the house?

Marisa dressed up like the blind and pregnant Maggie Lizer. I actually was pregnant and yet decided to dress up like Lucille and carry around a martini all night. Cuz I'm a classy lady like that.

 Why yes, that is a piece of shoe fashioned into a yarmulke on Ben's genuinely shaved head.

These girls amaze me with their craftiness.


So not everyone took part in the AD theme and there were some other REALLY good costumes

Why yes, Shawn does look EXACTLY like Kenny Powers. 

The winning costume of the night had to go to Adam who arrived fashionably late as Mrs. Featherbottom and stayed in character the entire night. At one point he was actually dancing along the railing of my deck with an open umbrella doing a Mary Poppins bit. It was spectacular.

 but not quite as spectacular as what happened after that.

I laughed


 I cried.

best night ever.


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