Adam & Julie's Wedding Spectacular!

posted on: Monday, October 21, 2013

Have you ever been to a wedding that so completely captures the couple in such a perfect way you can hardly believe it's real? That's how this wedding was, in every possible way. I have never in my life known two people more made for each other than Adam and Julie. Truth be told, I haven't known Julie all that long, but I know true love when I see it.  I know Julie is bright and charming with an effervescent personality that lights up the room when she's in it. And if one's worth can be measured in the intensity of the hugs they give, she wins hands down, every time. You know you can trust a person who gives good hugs. There's an honesty and vulnerablity there, you know what I mean? And Adam, one of my dearest and oldest friends whom I've know for what, fifteen years now? (How is that possible?) In those years I've seen him through lots of ups and downs. Some heartbreak and disappointment, some soul searching and lots of patience waiting for that one person he was meant to find. Knowing what he was looking for and believing she was out there. And then came Julie, with her sparkling blue eyes and sunshine spirit and it was all over.

Well, really, it was all just beginning. 

On Saturday they got married in Hocking Hills, Ohio. In Ash Cave, surrounded by all their nearest and dearest family and friends. There wasn't a dry eye in the place. Or maybe that was just me? I was crying so much I couldn't see straight. I am such a sucker for weddings, but, you probably already knew that.


I stole this picture straight from Facebook by the way, not taken by me, but pretty much the cutest picture in the history of the world, so....

After the wedding we had a little break in between the ceremony and reception where we got to hang out in the cabin we rented for the weekend and nap, chat with friends, watch the boys soak and splash in the hot tub, and fan the flames of a baby romance.

did I forget to mention we made plenty of time for jumping on the beds and general gymnastics as well?

Audra and I have big plans for these two. 

and Julie and I have big plans for these two ;)

The reception was everything it should have been and more. Adam and Julie had two first dances which ended in a crowd sing-a-long to a certain disney song which had me sobbing yet again. And then a father daughter dance and a father/daughter/daughter dance (did I mention Julie is an identical twin?) which ended in lots of twirling and hugging and more tears (me and them). Then a mother son dance, a mother-in-law/son-in-law dance, a father-in-law/daughter-in-law dance... you get the idea, lots of dancing, lots of tears, general amazingness.

And then just when you thought you were all cried out, Adam and his new little step-daughter, Jordyn,  broke out a choreographed dance routine to a certain Dirty Dancing song which did indeed end with a fog machine and a swan dive. And lots more tears from this gal. So really what else could you ask for? 

Best wedding ever. Best people ever. Best weekend ever.
Thanks for letting us be a part of it. 



  1. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Thank you so much for writing this AND for being such an amazing friend. You are wonderful and I love you. Thank you!!!

  2. PS. You'll hear it when I post the video but did you notice I came down the "Aisle" to a classical rendition of Purple Rain.....;)

    1. uh, duh! That's what started the waterworks...perfection!!!!!

  3. I have no words. You're amazing, this was amazing, and I love every single picture. Wonderful recap of a perfect day!

  4. EMILY!!!! Thank you so much for such a perfect account of the weekend! Love the pictures, love the comments, love you too!


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