My Foray into Soccer Mom-hood

posted on: Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This is one of those posts no one will care about except Josh and I. Because it's the one where I talk about and post pictures of my kid's soccer game. Even for these kids' parents it's not all that interesting so I will understand if you've already stopped reading and moved on to something a bit more riveting. But I had to record this little moment in Wes's life here because this was the first time he ever played a team sport and the novelty has not yet worn off for us. Ugh, it's been so stinking cute to watch him out there with his shin guards and coach and a shirt with a number! I really can't take it.

Since the kids that make up his team are just 4 and 5 year olds it's really been just more of a skills camp for the last 6 six weeks. Coach Pierre (bless him) has been teaching them the basics with lots of drills and lots of practice. As a reward for all their hard work on the last day of practice he set up a real game between our team and another school. Oh my heavens if I didn't start crying the minute the first whistle blew. I'm ridiculous, I know. Josh will tell you all about it, he has to live with my overly sentimental, weepy self. But they were just all so excited out there and playing so great, I couldn't help myself! My baby is all grown up!
Wes did pretty good! He played mostly defense but he definitely kicked the ball at least twice and only sat down and started playing with the grass in the 4th quarter. And in the end they won their game 5-0! Total domination and I was unreasonably proud. They ended the game with a group huddle and a big "Go Irish!" and then each kid recieved a medal with their name engraved on it. Wes was thrilled to say the least and he's been wearing it non-stop. And showing it to everyone. And sleeping with it on. I'd say his first soccer season was quite the success.


  1. He looks so happy, excited and proud! I love it!!! xoxo

  2. I for one am happy to read about Emerson's future husband winning his first soccer medal ;-) You go Wes!

    1. Ahh, I love it! Although "winning" miiiiiiight be too strong a word here, since all he had to do was show up. Haha ;)

  3. Audra, look out...Jordyn digs this soccer player too ;) Familial battle!!! Great pics, Em!


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