Fall Day 2013

posted on: Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sunday was one of my very favorite days of the year. When we gather all our best pals and take as many fall activities as you can think of and ball them all up in to one fun and exhausting day. We started with pumpkin picking, a corn maze and hay ride at Heritage Farms in peninsula. A quick stopover at Fisher's for lunch and then back home for pumpkin carving, holiday decorating and homemade fall treats.

Halloween is a big deal on our street. Like, a really big deal. Which is awesome. Our neighbors across the way have the coolest decorations (better seen at night when it's all on and lit up) but they have a giant animatronic black cat that moves and Oren is pretty sure it was put there just for him. He can see it from his bedroom window and he's always running over to check on "his cat" and making sure to point it out to anyone who might stop by. I love seeing the boys react to all the decorations as they go up and how excited they get every time we pull on to our street as they point out their favorite houses and halloween decor. So of course I was so excited to get to decorate our house for the first time this year and watch the boys faces light up as they watched it get a spooky makeover. These are exactly the kind of new traditions I was hoping we would make in this new house of ours. And doing this stuff together as a family is the kind of thing I hope they will come to cherish and remember forever.

Josh got busy with a drill instead of a carving knife this year and Jessica definitely won for creepiest pumpkin, probably of all time. And Wes actually helped clean out his pumpkin for the first time ever! Then he comissioned Marisa to carve it for him to his exact specifications; one round eye, one square, a triangle nose and teeth that go up and down. Needless to say, she nailed it.

Oh, and Abby made pumpkin scones and an apple tart, because Fall Day, duh!
Also, can I just point out how Jeff KILLED IT with his pumpkin this year? Look at that dancing skeleton he just freestyled! I requested he give it a top hat, but the brim was too flimsy and broke off so now it just looks like it's wearing a fez, which is actually totally better.

I am so thankful for these people, and this house and for this beautiful season which gives us all the excuse we need to act silly and have fun and spend time together making these memories for my boys. What a charmed life we lead, indeed.

(Special thanks to Victor and Jessica for sharing some of their photos with me for this post!)


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