Another Winter Weekend

posted on: Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We are running out of things to do indoors. You guys too? This winter has been wholly unforgiving and I could not stomach the idea of one more weekend being homebound. (Although friday night we did have Josh's sisters over for sloppy joes and a late night round of monopoly where Lisa's comically steady descent into poverty reminded us just how entertaining an evening of board games at home can be with the right people around.) But Saturday we decided to have a day of  "free fun" outside of the house with a visit to the Cleveland art museum and lunch in beachwood with leftover christmas gift cards we hadn't used yet. It was a good, good plan.
I'm surprised every time we go to the art museum how much fun the boys actually have, even at their young ages. Oren just goofs around for the most part but he loves running around in there, flopping on benches and hearing his voice echo in the big marble lined rooms. Wes is more into the stuff. The armor room in particular and the ancient Egyptian area too.  
And these next few pictures are from yesterday and I'm just throwing them in for fun because they're so dang cute.  Wes was really needing a haircut and I'm terrible about scheduling these things in advance and then I get desperate. So on a whim we tried out a new barber in town with a walk in policy. Here is documentation of that experience (I mostly just love the sucker in his mouth and the scowl on his face.)  
 (not into it.)
Also, Jean-Marie came over for dinner last night and Wes lured her into his bedroom with the promise of pre-selected cat videos on his computer he'd planned out just for her. Meanwhile, Lincoln used his feline wiles to charm her with lots of nose licks and a heavy duty cuddling sesh.

I'm telling you what, those boys of mine sure know how to woo the ladies ;)


  1. Wes is looking 110% Cureton in those barber pictures. So cute.


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