The Good and the Bad

posted on: Monday, February 3, 2014

So much for the January doldrums. This past week done flipped us upside down. The good news is, Josh started a new job today! It's been stressful and exciting and is a big transition for him. But really just so, SO exciting and he's very thrilled for the opportunity he has with this new company. And I'm so excited for him. 
As for the bad, last week we found out both of our cars needed to have their tires replaced, like, now. So that was fun. And you know what they say, when it rains it pours and so on top of that, last night we discovered that our refrigerator was broken.  Not permanently broken or anything, we had a repair guy out today to look at it and it's a relatively easy fix. Easy does not equal cheap, however. Obviously. And we had to toss out tons of ruined food. So, blerg on that whole situation. And so I was hoping to take photos of our finished kitchen today but I currently have a fridge pulled out of the wall and sitting in the middle of the room so that kind of hampered my plans. The good news is though, the kitchen's done! I mean phase one done - done, but I'll take it. Here's a little sneak preview from the only angle without a fridge blocking the view!                                                                               

I'm pretty pumped about it. Especially about the part where we can actually function in our kitchen again because that was getting old. It's pretty miserable living in a construction zone. 

So we saw Justin Townes Earle in kent on saturday. (How'd you like that for a transition? ;) He was awesome and hilarious as usual. I mean, nothing will ever top this show, but he was very, VERY good. Plus we got burritos at Taco Tontos first and I got to spend the evening with some of my favorite people so it was all good. And whilst I'm bombarding you with instagrams you've probably already seen, here's one of my new bangs I cut myself too, just for funsies.

yuh welcome.

great faces, everyone!

Also, might I just add...what the heck Kent, Ohio?! Apparently in the last year or two since I've been through there the city has completely transformed. Josh and I both went to KSU and I only (?) graduated seven years ago. Yet, I hardly recognized the place. It's been so built up and there are shops and restaurants and bars galore. I could hardly believe it was the same little town. I want to go back again when I have a little more time and it's a bit warmer out and really walk around and see it all. So good for you, Kent! You made a mama proud! Also, being there made me a little wistful for my college days. Not THAT wistful, but enough to give me the warm fuzzies when I thought about those care free early days (pre design school) when I didn't have a worry in the world outside of passing the gateway exam. (Any other KSU alumni remember that bs?) Anyway, I digress. I hope you all had a good weekend too and I'll be back with finished kitchen pictures just as fast I can get that refrigerator moved!


  1. I'm just jealous of every aspect of this post. The beautiful new kitchen, the Taco Tonto's, the trip to Kent... sorry things started out crappy, but at least you had some fun times along the way :)

  2. your kitchen is looking great! we are thinking of doing open shelves eventually too. bangs look super cute too :)

  3. Yeah for taco tantos! Love the new downtown. My new favorite is Fresco, but I also love Laziza. I have replicated their chicken so I don't go there as much. Downtown 145 is an upscale burger joint but overpriced. Of course you can't go wrong at Ray's! Did you know they are opening a new Ray's where the Winking Lizard was by the Summit Mall? Also in Downtown Kent there is a cute little shop called Gracie Lane that I like.


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