Valentine's Day, 2014

posted on: Monday, February 17, 2014

A couple days before valentine's day we printed these cute valentines from Merrilee's Etsy shop for Wes to hand out at school and Oren to give to his friends at Miss Lori's house.  

And then, because I can't control myself when it comes to this holiday, I made 22 of these little paper airplanes from Design*Sponge for Wes's classmates too! His teacher has a no candy policy and they weren't even having a party so I thought this might be a little extra fun for them. Is that typical in your kid's schools? I always remember loving our annual valentines party in elementary school and I was kind of bummed for him that he didn't get to experience that. 

On valentine's morning I set out this little tray with a few goodies, some art supplies and four new sklyanders for the boys to share. Did I go overboard? Yeah, probably. But what can I say? I'm sucker for this holiday. (And they are completely obsessed with skylanders right now. Also, I found you can buy used ones that are still in great shape off of ebay and your children never know the difference ;)

Cue the celebration!

Abby shared some of these delightful little raspberry-filled hand pies she made and that night the boys had a sleepover at my mom's house and Josh and I got to try out DBA for the first time. So, thanks guys!

I hope you all had a wonderful valentine's day as well.  And it's also time to announce the winner of our GooseWaddle giveaway so...

drum roll, please.

The winner is Breanne Pesis. Congrats, Breanne! I'll be in touch soon with the details.
And a big thanks to everyone who entered, that was fun!



  1. My niece's school didnt have a valentines party either. I remember having them and it was always so fun! Your valentines are so cute!

    1. Isn't that awful?! Such a bummer. He starts kindergarden at a new school next year and I'm hoping they do parties.

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