April Sunshine

posted on: Monday, April 7, 2014

This weekend felt so, so good. The weather on Sunday was absolutely perfect. We woke up to sunshine streaming through the windows and birds singing "wake up, wake up" and it just felt like spring had really arrived. We put a tray of muffins in the oven and made for the front porch, still in our pajamas with a blanket and cups of tea in our hands. I told Josh as we swayed slowly on the porch swing that if every day could start out this way what a difference it would make. That little lazy hour of sunshine and fresh air with no where to rush off to and nothing we had to do was such a shot in the arm. Vitamin D to the rescue! It seemed to set the whole day off on the right track and with that extra little boost of energy we decided to use the rest of the day for spring cleaning and finishing up some small projects around the house that had been slowly accumulating over the winter. Josh fixed the part of our back fence that had fallen down and finally took down our exterior Christmas lights from the front of the house. He switched out a couple more light fixtures with new ones and we finally finished up the last few punch list items for our back entry/mudroom project (pictures coming soon!) I scrubbed and scrubbed and vacuumed and dusted with the doors open and sun on my face and music in the house and it was just really nice.

We have a few family get togethers that will be happening at our house in the next couple of weeks and now I feel like the house is really ready for people after such a long and dismal winter. What a difference some fresh air and clean sheets can make. We've got a steady forecast of temperatures in the 60's to look forward to this week and I have never been so happy to pack up the snow pants and winter boots as I was yesterday. Spring jackets came out of storage and the hats and mittens and scarves got tossed in a bag until next year. I'm so excited for the birthday parties and Easter egg hunts and bare legs and green grass that I can hardly stand it. So, welcome spring, let me get you a glass of lemonade, put your feet up, relax, and please stay as long as you'd like. We've been expecting you.


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