Thank you, thank you

posted on: Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I just wanted to pop in over here today and give a big thank you to everyone for all your encouragement and congratulations over the news we shared Monday. We are, of course, THRILLED to be expecting our third baby this fall. It was a long time coming and it took quite awhile before we felt really ready to take the plunge. I mean, after Oren Henry it would take awhile for anyone to get up the gumption to go for another ;) But seriously, the stars finally aligned with jobs and the bigger house and everything we felt we needed to have in place before we could feel comfortable committing to another baby. But we did it! We're finally here, and it feels so good!

I am only a smidge over nine weeks along which is still very early. We would have preferred waiting until we were into the second trimester before sharing the news but my belly popped pretty much immediately (third baby and all) and there was just no sense in trying to hide it any longer. I think half the people we see on a regular basis had already guessed anyways. The good news is, monday morning we had our first ultrasound and my midwife and doctor assured me that so far baby is doing great and things are right on track.

I just feel really, really lucky is all I can say. I was never sure a third baby was in the cards for us and as much as I'd hoped for it to happen one day, it was never a guarantee. I feel like this is just such a special gift we've been given to get one more shot at this parenting thing and to meet one more amazing little person who will change our lives forever.

So thanks again for all your kind words and phone calls and messages. We are completely over the moon.


  1. Let me just reiterate my happiness for you! I can't wait to "meet" this new little one, and see life with three kiddos! :)

  2. Awwww, my new little grandbaby! I love that little person so much already!!! xoxoxoxox


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