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posted on: Wednesday, August 19, 2015

So, August. Quickly becoming the craziest month of the year for the Booth family. We've got a lot of birthdays in August, mine included (32!). It fell on a Friday and Josh and I both took the day off work to spend it together, just the two of us. We went to breakfast at my favorite spot (get the french toast!), then kayaking at Camp Hi Canoe. We stopped for BBQ on our way back home and then later that night Abby and I went out to see Jeff's band perform live and he even slipped my name into a song as a sweet little birthday shout out to me. (Although the song was about a drug addict so maybe I'm giving him too much credit now that I think about it). Ha, I love my family.

Then Oren had to get the exact same spot he got them last time. Because he's Oren. He also has a gaping cavity, is on antibiotics for tonsillitis/possible strep and is due for his last round of shots. August has not been his friend. Also, Ever has started standing all on her own. I haven't actually captured a good picture of this happening yet so that's just one from the weekend. You know, baby's first trip to Taco Tonto's needs to be immortalized. When in Kent to watch your sister know the drill.

August is also the end of summer vacation around here. Ugh, I am SO not ready for this at all. My dad took Wes out for a one on one day on Monday before school started so I had a little impromptu date with Oren while they were gone. Ever came along too, but I left it up to Oren to pick and choose how we would spend the day. We had pizza and doughnuts (cuz my baby ain't no fool) and we went to the pet store to play with the puppies and hermit crabs. Did you know Bullgles are a thing now? Bulldog/Beagle mixes. I can't even.

Speaking of things I can't believe... Wes started first grade this morning! He did so great when we dropped him off this morning, not a single tear in sight which is a drastic improvement over last year. And tomorrow is his seventh birthday! Party this weekend so stay tuned, but man, where is the pause button when you need one?

And then we have Oren. He starts Pre-K tomorrow and today was his very last day at Miss Lori's. This is a huge, momentous and heartbreaking milestone so I was stifling tears all day at work and couldn't (still can't) get it off my mind. For four years she has watched over him when Josh and I couldn't be there and I am a true believer that it takes a village to raise a child.  He has grown and transformed and learned so much under her watchful eye. It's a very sad day to see this chapter of his life come to a close but I am so, SO grateful for every one of those years he has spent under her care. 

So tomorrow I will have a seven year old and a pre-schooler and I'm feeling alllllllll the feels tonight. This parenting thing just never gets any easier does it?


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