My Sister, the Speech Language Pathologist

posted on: Sunday, August 16, 2015

Here are the facts,  a little over three years ago my sister was tired of having a degree she wasn't using and bored with a job she had been stuck in for years. She did a very brave thing and decided to take her future into her hands. She quit the dead end job, started waitressing nights and weekends and went back to school to earn her master's degree in speech language pathology. The program was rigorous, the student loans daunting, the change of schedule and massive work load were exhausting and stressful. She cried a lot. It sucked. But she did it. She got accepted into a very selective program. She got straight A's. Yesterday we got to watch her walk across the stage and get the diploma that she worked so incredibly hard for. We are so proud.

We celebrated with ice cream and next week we're sending her off on a very well earned vacation to New Orleans where she will eat her weight in seafood and beignets, as one should. Congratulations, Abby. We always knew you could do this.


  1. Congratulations Abigail - so much work - it's finally done! You did it!!!!!!

    (a few fairly bad pics of me btw - what the heck?)


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